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  Please help us locate our fellow classmates. Check the names below and get in touch with an old friend!

As of October 2004, we are still trying to find 82 of our (238) missing classmates. Have you seen these folks lately? Is your name listed here? Some of these people may be in the Witness Protection Program. Please check the links below if anyone's name rings a bell.

If YOU are one of our MIAs, please write to for a * FREE * login to our group's online reunion site. Just let us know who you are, and we'll send you the Class E-mail Directory with links to over 150 Ardsley High School Class of '76 Alumni in our on-line reunion.


David Allen
Harold Altz
Holly Atlas
Deborah Bates
Annette Benetar
Adrienne Block
Ken Brown
Judy Burks
Donna Canosa
Kathryn Carroll
JoAnn Clark
Bob Deguisto
Laura Dembicer
Anne Detarnowsky
Joanne Duffy
Joe Duffy
Bob Fanelli
Gina Fasanella
Judy Fell
Vicki Fox
Tom Glanzman

Jeff Gottblieb
Kathy Gray
Leslie Grayson
Paul Greco
Holly Grell
Grace Grenci
Scot Hendrikson
Jeanette Ikwild
Mark Kalish
Jeff Katz
Tom Kelly
Katherine Kinney
Sharon Lieberman
Richard Liverani
Joe LoCurto
Cathy Loinaz
Terry Lombard
Lori Mach
Matt Magee
Carol Mancuso
Anthony Marziano

Dan Matelli
Sandy Meltzer
Donna Mendell
Gail Mendell
Steve Meravy
Adrienne Meyer
Joe Montuori
Steve O'Connell
Lynn Oldford
Marty Orenstein
Gillian Oswin
Anthony Peng
Don Perillo
Barbara Pinelli
John Pizzolato
Cathy Prihoda
Elizabeth Quinlan
Rosemary Quinlan
Erika Reiser
Gerry Ronan

Sheri Ross
Lori Shimberg
Dave Shindler
Lori Siegel
Eric Singletary
Jeff Smith
Sue Smith
Bill Stingone
Sherril Stucklen
Terry Szold
Maribeth Theiss
Richard Thornton
Richard Tosi
Mary Ann Vellone
Gerry Weggenman
Elizabeth Weiss
Larry Wheeler
Denise Wilson
Gary Young
Hong Yuh

UFO's - Last known sightings - Rumor mill - Hints

    David Allen - Selling coins in Virginia?
    Annette Benetar - On a Kibutz in Israel?
    Phil Duffy - In Florida working for NASA?
    Gina Fasanella - Living in Dobbs Ferry, NY?
    Vicki Fox - A teacher in Westchester or Rockland County?
    Terry Lombard - Possibly deceased?
    Anthony Marziano - Somewhere in South Florida?
    Dan Matelli - Electrical contractor in White Plains?
    Joe Montuori - Teacher in/around Courtlandt, NY?
    Sandy Meltzer - Playing for the Symphony in D.C.?
    The Quinlan sisters - Both living near Pittsburgh?
    Sheri Ross - Somewhere in Massachusetts?

Here are some excellent free resources to assist in the never-ending search for our MIAs. If you have any information at all that might help locate someone, please see where it leads by clicking on one of the links below, or just pass it on to us and we'll give it our best shot!
National White Pages (search by state of residence)
National Yellow Pages (search by business name or category)
E-mail address search (know their domain? -> ???.com)
Find a Lawyer Find a Doctor
Military & Government employees
Do you know someone's older brother or sister from
the Class of '74? Try this link and drop them a line

This section contains the names of people for whom we have a postal address,
but not e-mail. If you would like to get in touch with one of them, just
and request their mailing address.
The rest of our classmates who have listed e-mail addresses
can be found in our Class of '76 E-mail Directory.

Phil Duffy
MaryAnn LaRossa Kovacs
Donna Mastromonaco Paulson

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